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Bean and Bacon Days 2012 Augusta Wisconsin

The 2012 ATV mud bog/races Saturday, June 30, 2012

All new pits in 2012

Registration begins at 10 am.  Race to start at 11:00. Free Admission to Augusta Wisconsin ATV Mud Racespectators. Food and beverage services are available on Lions Fields grounds.

Support the Augusta Trail Vipers ATV Club Buy a 50 / 50 raffle ticket.  Half goes to the Augusta Trail Vipers ATV club; half to those holding the winning tickets.  Buying a ticket supports the club and future mud race events. 

ATV Mud Race Rules and Schedule for Augusta Wi Bean and Bacon Days
Printable PDF
of ATV Mud Race Rules and schedule

Augusta Wisconsin ATV Mud Races / Bog  Saturday June 30 2012

Youth Classifications (aka) Classes - No Entry Fee:

Special youth races (just for fun) - limited to under those under 13 years old. Youths have their own pit. All youth participants win 

Adult Classes Entry Fee:

$10.00 entry fee per race per contestant
$3.00 pit pass required for pit crew

Adult Classes:

2 wheel drive sport quad - All cc's - No ATV’s switchable to 4x4's allowed
4x4 – zero to 500cc
4x4 - 501cc and up
Outlaw (ATV's with over 27 inch tires - Qualification is by the tire size printed on tire

Winners Prizes for each adult class


Contact Bill Lebarron at 715-286-5529 for more information
Rules available in the PDF of the Augusta Wisconsin ATV Mud Race Rules and Schedule document


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