The Historic Augusta Wisconsin Dells Mill School

 Part of the Wisconsin Dells Mill and The Wisconsin Dells Mill Museum Historic Properties.  The Wisconsin Dells Rural School

Dells Mill School and Dells Mill Museum and Historic Properties
E18855 County Road V  
Augusta, WI 54722

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The Augusta Wisconsin Dells Mill School and Dells Pond is a rural Wisconsin school in Wisconsin. The Dells School Museum is just 10 miles from Interstate I-94 in Osseo, Wisconsin, 20 miles from Interstate I-94 in Eau Claire Wisconsin and 40 miles from Black River Falls

The Dells Mill School Classes 1922-1923
Augusta Dells Wisconsin School Class of 1922-1923
The Dells Mill School Classes 1955-1956
Dells School of 1955-1956
Student Body of 1922-1923
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Student Body of 1955-1956
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The Dells Mill School, a one room school with a small coat room at the entrance, District No. 6., now has separate dates on each end of the building.  The original date is 1866, while the opposite end says 1873.  The Dells School originally was located on the west side of the Dells Pond, less than a half mile away from its current location 

 The school was used as an elementary school for grades 1 through 8 .  Class sizes ranged from 0 to 6 students.  One class level was instructed at a time, usually at the front of the one room while the other students studied or used the library.  (Or listened or giggled at the class being taught, passed notes or made other mischief.)

The school housed at its overcrowded most, up  to 36 students.  The library was at the back of the room, with bookcases about 6 feet high, about half of the width of the building (you can see the full width of the building in the above photo page).

Most students walked or road bikes to school each day.  Significant school year events included softball and other sport competitions with nearby grade schools such as Rodell Wisconsin or Troubled Waters schools. Some competing schools hardly had enough students to populate a softball team

 The Augusta Wisconsin Dells District consolidated with the Kirkham Valley School  in about 1960, because of growing population and minimum educational requirements.  Grades 1 through 4 were bused to the Dells Mill School and grades 5 through 8 were sent to Kirkham Valley   In about 1965 the local school districts consolidated into what is now Augusta Area Schools and the building was retired as a school

The Dells Mill School building was purchased by a local business man in the 1970's. It was moved to the east side of the Dells Pond and used as a tool building.  It was later resold and became part of the Augusta Wisconsin Dells Mill Historic Properties

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Bellfry at the Dells Mill School Dells Mill School 1866 Dells Mill Rural School Dells Mill School 1873 Dells Mill School Side View
The Belfrey The 1866 End   The 1983 End The Main Student Entrance  
Dells Mill School Historical Rural School at the Dells Mill Dells Pond in Augusta Wisconsin 2004 Dells Mill Pond in Augusta Wisconsin 1956  
  The Historic one room school in Winter The Dells School was originally just across County V on the Dells Pond The Dells Pond circa 1956  

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Video slide show of the Dells Mill School