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Augusta Area and Eau Claire County and Township Maps.  Also see the page for a video link to said to be haunted Green Eyes Bridge.  See the public hunting areas on the large Bridgecreek Township map

Bean and Bacon Days 2024 events now being planned see Bean and Bacon Days . info for event and contact information

Winners of the previous year's Bean and Bacon Days Grand Parade now available on the Bean and Bacon Days Awards Page

Bean and Bacon Days 2023 The Big Event of 2023 Bean and Bacon Days Horse Pull

1912 Photo Augusta Wisconsin History High School
Photo of 1912 Augusta High School Assembly including graduating student and faculty names

Augusta Wisconsin War Memorial Page
Augusta Wisconsin War Memorial

The Augusta Wisconsin Peak Color season in 2022 is mid-October
Fall in Augusta WI

Dave Balliett Memorial

Sand Mine Photos in Eau Claire County near Augusta
Winter and Summer photos

Full Size image of the Augusta Wisconsin Red Maple in Autumn

Visit the Augusta Wisconsin Dells Mill Museum before it is gone. Gus Clark is near retirement and the museums future is uncertain
Civil War to Hospital Wars A book by Gustave Clark
Civil War to America's Health Car Wars 150 Years By Gus Clark. Including the History of the Dells Mill. Order on the Dells Mill Site
Eau Claire County Sand Mine Map
Eau Claire County Sand Mine Map on the Scene Page.  Also new page to see it full size.
Great Northern Sand Company  and Hi Crush do / propose the sand mine operations
Bean and Bacon Days 2014
Zoom in on some of the Augusta Wisconsin Car show cars from last year on the Bean and Bacon Days site
Falling Leaves Art Studio Tour
See it Full Size! The Augusta Mural at the Community Center Gym
Community Center Mural in Augusta Wisconsin
Photos of the  Artwork in the Community Center. The Mural and The Mascot at the Augusta Community Center
Remembering 50 the 1956 Centennial 50 Years later (in 2006)
Augusta Wisconsin Burnout Competition Video Link
Bean and Bacon Days Burnout Competition video link on the Burn Out Car Show Page
History of Wisconsin 100 Years, Augusta in the 1956 Centennial Year
You can see the New! History of The Barn
Augusta Area Times
The Augusta Area Times!
Online Edition now Available
See our Links Page
1954 Phone Book
Historic 1954 Augusta Telephone Book
Zion Lutheran Church Bean and Bacon Days Patriotic Service
Augusta Wisconsin Scenes Chippewa Valley Map
Augusta Beaver Mascot Thumbnail
The Augusta Beaver Mascot at the Community Center Gym

Winners of the 2015 Grand Parade.   See you at Bean and Bacon Days 2016

See a CNN report on the Sand Mines in Augusta Wisconsin.  One is directly across a road from an Amish School

See the Video - Augusta Wisconsin Dells Mill, The Movie

Wisconsin Maps and a Augusta Wis. City Map featuring Augusta Parks, Augusta Cemeteries, and other Augusta Locations

East Lawn Cemetery Monument

Bean and Bacon Days Info web site about the tradition of the event, scheduling, contacts and more

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See the Sand Mines Page in Augusta Wisconsin, the Town of Bridge Creek and Eau Clair County in Wisconsin