Augusta Wisconsin Services Directory

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New information about Eau Claire County and Augusta Wisconsin Deer Bear and Turkey Hunting Registrations for 2015 / 2016  can be found on the Camping / Lodge Page.  Click the link

Deer Registration Stations for in the Augusta Area of Eau Claire County
There are stations are not for registration of CWD Deer (Chronic Wasting Disease)

Express Mart
719 West Lincoln Street
Augusta, Wisconsin  54722-9108
6am - 12am Daily
Also Register for DMU 58 - Clark County

Registration for all seasons: Deer, Bear and Turkey

Woodland Country Store
S 5340 State Road 27
6am - 8pm Daily

Augusta Wisconsin Police Department
Emergency dial : 911
145 West Lincoln Street
Augusta, WI 54722
See a video about the Augusta Wisconsin Fire Department on YouTube Augusta Wisconsin Fire Department
 Emergency dial : 911
745 Industrial Drive
Augusta, WI 54722

Augusta Wisconsin Planning Commission
Fax: 715-286-5606
Office of the Mayor
Augusta Industrial Development Corp.
P.O. Box 475
Augusta, WI 54722

Augusta Library
Augusta Library
Augusta Wisconsin Memorial Public Library
113 North Stone Street
Augusta, WI 54722

Augusta Wisconsin Community Center
616 W. Washington Street
Augusta, WI 54722

Community Center in Augusta Wisconsin

Augusta Wisconsin Senior Center
616 W. Washington
Augusta, WI 54722

Augusta Wisconsin Area Schools
E19320 Bartig Road
Augusta, WI 54722
District Administrator's Office:
Middle/High School
Principal's Office: 715-286-3350


Augusta Wisconsin Post Office
130 West Brown Street
Augusta, WI 54722.

Department of Natural Resources
Augusta Wisconsin DNR Ranger Station
550 Industrial Drive -Augusta WI 54722
Deer Registration

City Hall
145 W Lincoln

Augusta Wisconsin Nursing Home
215 East Brown Street,  PO Box 387
Augusta, WI 54722
remember your family and elders - visit and call them often


Augusta Wisconsin City Garage
207 North Stone Street,
Augusta, WI 54722

Augusta Wisconsin Water Plant
State Road 27, Augusta, WI 54722


Eau Claire County Highway Shop Garage
513 East Grant Street, Augusta, WI 54722

Bridge Creek Township Garage
 S9515 State Road 27
Augusta, WI 54722

See a YouTube Video about the Augusta clinic

Augusta Family Medicine Clinic
207 West Lincoln Street, Augusta, WI 54722

Augusta Wisconsin Aquatics Center
Public Swimming at the Augusta Wisconsin High School Pool
Click to the link


Nearest Regional Airport - EAU
Chippewa Valley Regional Airport
Eau Claire, WI - about 24 miles
Served by United Airlines

Nearest Major Airport - MSP
Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota, about 115 miles

This is a hub for Delta Airlines, it has a virtual monopoly of flights


Other Regional Airports
(more competitive fares than EAU and MSP)
La Crosse, Wisconsin LSE, about 92 miles
Central Wisconsin near Wausau CWA about 95 miles

Eau Claire County Parks & Forest Administration
Lake Eau Claire Park 19230 E Highway SD, Augusta, WI 715-286-2681‎

Area Hospitals
Sacred Heart Hospital - 715-839-4222 - 900 W Clairemont Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54701 About 23 miles
Osseo Area Hospital - 715-597-3121, 13025 8th St, Osseo, WI 54758 About 12 miles
Luther Hospital - 715-838-3590 - 1221 Whipple St, Eau Claire, WI 54703 About 25 miles

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Augusta Wisconsin Board of Education