Augusta WI High School circa 1919

Augusta Wisconsin History.  The original date was though to be 1910 but the school was not built until 1918

The High School Was considered one of the best in the state when it was completed. Admission was not free.

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Augusta HI 1919 Augusta Wisconsin High School and Elementary School

Augusta Wisconsin High School on Main Street Circa 1919

Looking North West from Main Street, Augusta Wisconsin.   The school was considered one of the best in Wisconsin when it was completed.

See the written History of Augusta Schools, 1906

The small building on the west side is the elementary school holding grades 1 and 2. In 1919 additional wings were added to each end of the school. There were more additions in the 1950's (a new gymnasium) and 1960's (an agriculture and shop wing) This growing but aging structure was replaced by a new Augusta High School and a new Augusta Wisconsin Elementary School just off Lincoln Street at Bartig Road in the 1970's. 

The original school and wings were torn down in the 1980's, except for the shop, agriculture and gym additions.  Those remaining structures are now the Community and Senior Citizen center

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