Wisconsin Autumn Video Splendor

Peak Fall Late September to Late October is our Harvest Fest
and The Falling Leaves Art Tour
Around Augusta, Fall Creek, Fairchild and Eau Claire County and Osseo in Trempealeau

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Coon Fork Park in Autumn Autumn at Coon Fork Dam Coon fork slough Coon Fork Bridge Autumn at Witte Road in Augusta Wisconsin
Coon Fork Forest Coon Fork Dam Coon Fork Slough Coon Fork Bridge Creek Witte Road
Washington Street Autumn in Augusta Wisconsin Fall in Augusta WI Autumn in First Ward Park Augusta Wisconsin Autumn on Main Street in Augusta Wisconsin Lincoln Street in Augusta Wisconsin
Perkins Street Perkins First Ward Park  Lincoln Street Lincoln Streek
Harstad Park in Autumn in Augusta Wisconsin Solie Road in Augusta Wisconsin Fall Autumn on Pease Street in Augusta Wisconsin Pease Street Pumping Station in Augusta Wisconsin Dells Mill in Fall in Augusta
Harstad Park  Solie Road Pease Street Pease Street Pumping Station Dells Mill
    View in Autumn from Pease Street    
    Pease Street     

Photos were slightly past peak in October - about October 10th. You can see a video of Augusta Wisconsin in the Summertime at AugustaWi.info

The leaves are falling and Augusta Wisconsin gets a coating of the true color of the leaves. Soon the leaves will be gone for the season

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Autumn Video in Augusta Wisconsin

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